Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Things?

“What things?” He asked. Incognito. Innocently. As if He were out of the loop and not the link between what had occurred in the first Garden and the things that had just transpired.

As if He were not the link between our last breath and our eternity.

The two men with whom He walked were incredulous that He asked, “What things?” Even a visitor couldn't possibly be that uninformed. Or so they thought.

He gave no indication that He had prior knowledge of or involvement in the things they discussed.

Not at first.

But He did know.

Had known since before time began what would one day go down in Jerusalem.

A garden there—Gethsemane. Betrayed by a friend's kiss.


Accused. The verdict? Guilty. The truth? Innocent. Blameless. Holy. Jesus. Abandoned by those who knew You best.

A circle of three friends. Most intimate. You nicknamed one of them “the Rock.” He declared his devotion to You.

Only a few hours later, under pressure. Strong cord broken. He capitulated. Denied knowing You.

You knew that he would.

Told him so.

Yet You prayed for him.

Your friend went away from You. Wept. Tasted salt. Tasted bile.

I, too, know that flavor. Bitterness of words and actions. I would give anything to take back—to undo.

“What things?”



Their spit ran down... ... Your sweet face.... ...Your beard plucked.

How could they? How could I?

A vine of thorns crowned the head of the Baby who once lay in a manger.

Called You names.

Made fun of You.

The Holy One of God.

Son of God. One and Only. Son of Man.

Tempted like I am tempted.

You resisted.

But not me. Not always.

“What things?”


Slapped. Scratched. Scourged.

Suffering. Unbearable.

Flesh cut to the bone.

Hands and feet nailed to wood.

You who hung the moon and the stars in place.

Hung on a cross. Hurting. Holy.

Wanting Your Father. Needing Him. Crying, “Daddy!”

Forsaken by Him.

For me.


“What things?”

Your death.

Your burial. No time to hold a funeral. No need either.

Your resurrection!

Victory over sin—over the grave.

The fulfillment of centuries' old prophecies.

Reunited with the Father. Praying for us. Preparing a place for us. Planning to return for those who know You as Savior.

“What things?” He asked (Luke 24:19). “You are witnesses of these things” (Luke 24:48).

Aren't we?

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