Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sarah's Syndrome

Sarah, sweet and good. Submissive. Followed her man to a foreign country. She took her dream with her and waited. It seemed to her that she had been waiting for this dream to come true almost all of her life.

Seemed that she had been waiting on God forever.

Waiting on Him to give her the baby that she dreamed of holding and cuddling and tending and loving.

Because God had promised her man, "Look up at the heavens and count the stars--if indeed you can count them" (Genesis 15:5b).

Ok. So, what to stars have to do with dreams and babies? Well, that was God's way of saying that He planned to give Sarah and her man a large family. Um, more like a nation, actually.

Sure God had made a promise; still, God wasn't doing anything. Right?

I mean there were no sons. No daughters.

It didn't seem like God was working.

Sarah waited year after year. Nothing.

So, she gave up.

And that's when she succumbed to the syndrome.

Sarah--tired of waiting on God to fulfill His word--traded the truth of God's promise for lies from the father of lies.

She decided that God was withholding something good from her.

She determined that it was fine to get what she wanted on her own even without God's blessing and His permission.

Definately, not good.

But I have to tell you that I'm susceptible to Sarah's syndrome. It's hard to wait on God when I don't think I see Him working in my life. At those times acting independently of God can appear to be logical or justified. And believing a lie about God becomes easier than waiting for a promise to be fulfilled.

Do you know what I'm saying? I can understand Sarah and how she felt and what she thought and how she tried to manage things herself.

Sarah's dream did come true. God kept His promise. She had that precious baby. And named him Issac.

I believe that God is going to keep His promises to you. And His promises to me.

So, I think I'll put on my jacket--walk outside--and look up at the sky.

I want to see how many stars I can count tonight.

And for each star that I count, I'll wait on the fulfillment of His promises another day. And another. And another.

Because He has the cure for mine and Sarah's Syndrome.

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  1. I think one of the amazing things to remember is that many of the promises that God made to Abraham were not completely fulfilled druing his lifetime. Abraham didn't see with his own eyes, all that God had promised come about, but he believed and stayed faithful to his God any way. He knew that he could not and would not lie. I may not see all that God has promised come to fruition, but my not seeing it doesn't make it any less true. Thanks for another great post Deb!

  2. What a great lesson! We all have the "Sarah' syndrome--it's called self-sufficiency and rears its ugly head every time God does not 'do' for us when and how we think He should with the help of certain 'deceiver' who whispers "where's your God now?", getting you to doubt God's goodness...

    but, we can choose to believe, walk outside and count the stars and know that He is working according to His divine timetable.

    yes, He is doing that new thing in our desert. Let us ask for spiritual vision to 'perceive' it.
    Great post, Deb. Blessings,

  3. Deb, I so appreciate your words and those of Stephani this morning. I've had a prayer on my heart for a long time now and haven't seen any results. I can't and won't give up on it but hearing yours and Stephani's words help more than you could possibly know.

    Have a blessed week!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    My husband and I are going through a time of waiting and learning patience. It would be so easy to just say that God isn't coming through and we need to take care of this ourselves.

    I'm working on remembering that unless it comes from God and His perfect timing, I don't want it.

    Thanks for reminding me this morning.

  5. this is awesome...really awesome. I have the Sarah syndrome too so tonight...going for a look at some stars...and believe.....Take gentle care.

  6. I can relate, too. I'll think of that next time I see the stars. Good post.

  7. That must have been some night's walk... you and I were remembered there all those years ago, for we are the spiritual descendants of Abraham.

    What a family tree! Let's keeping looking up and trusting God for the fulfillment of promises already spoken on our behalves. God is faithful. May we be found accordingly.


  8. I "stumbled" on your blog from My Freshly Brewed Life and am so happy I did. I'm heading "home" and taking your button with me. Looking forward to a lasting friendship.

  9. I loved this post. The story of Abraham and Sarah is one of my favorites. I have a friend who had the Sarah Syndrome....she and her husband waited for 15 years to have a baby...and nothing they went to the adoption agency...found three siblings...ages 2, 4,6 and adopted this little family so they could stay together...and 10 months later had twins of her own...God is good! Are you up for coffee one day this week?

  10. What a beautiful blog, and encouraging words you offer here! I'm leaving much more refreshed than I was upon entering...

  11. I know I am certainly not the most patient person in the world! I daily beg for patience from God. Thank goodness for answered prayers! And for unconditional forgiveness during those not so patient times!

  12. "It's hard to wait on God when I don't think I see Him working in my life." Wow, this really sums things up for me. It's so true. Thank you for this today.

  13. I know our relationship is very new but I your words about Sarah Syndrome returned to me often yesterday. I'm offering you an award at my blog and hope you'll accept. Have an awesome day!

  14. It is so hard to wait on God to fulfill His promises! I will really appreciate and enjoy them when they are finally fulfilled!

  15. So, so good. This gets me right here: "And believing a lie about God becomes easier than waiting for a promise to be fulfilled." ... Therein lies the root of many rash decisions, heartache, divorce, addiction problems, and on and on and on ... You nailed it.

  16. Hebrews 11 is a great source of inspiration when you are not seeing the promise right now. Waiting on God's time is difficult because our human nature responds to anyone telling us, including God, that something needs to be done or will be done means "It should have been done yesterday." A lot of pressure is taken off when you realize that when God tells you something, it means in His time, not ours, and not yesterday!

  17. We all suffer from Sarah's syndrome, don't we? I know I do...

    Thanks for the reminder to look up, Deb. Sweet.

    Happy spring!

  18. thanks for the words that have been submitted. It strengthens the faith of Christianity

  19. Beautiful words...

    Looking at the sky with new eyes,


  20. I'm happy that I came across your blog today...I was attracted by your blog's name..and was happy to read few of your posts...especially this one...since I had written about the same topic on my blog...I admit that I too have the Sarah's syndrome..I think I need to get out and look up at the stars..Thank you for that reminder..

    God Bless,
    Rani John

  21. thanks for the words that have been submitted. It strengthens the faith of Christianity