Saturday, October 31, 2009


Thank you. Thank you very much, Moses. We appreciate your sharing the second commandment with us, but we think we've got that one under control. We would never make, worship, or grab hold of any graven, golden image. Would we? I mean, men could show a slight susceptibility in this area. They're the ones whose brains have a component that can sometimes record, store, and retrieve images with digital-like accuracy. But we women are ok with this commandment. Right? Uh, well. Maybe, we should take a closer look. Because I'm thinking that I have a few image problems that require attention. Like, self-image, you know? How I want to be viewed in a certain way. A certain light. And what I need to do and to own so that I can create the new me that I think I should be. I think that re-inventing my image would start with buying a new house. One that has kind of an open concept. A smooth flow. Sparkly, shiny stainless steel appliances. And granite countertops. Gleaming. Girl, I might even become a gourmet cook! Yeah, you're right. Don't think that's going to happen. Cooking is so not my thing. ...I know! A newer automobile would improve my image. How about a sport utility vehicle? Red. Or silver. It doesn't matter. But, for sure, I've got to have leather seats. Power everything. And a sunroof. Can you picture how cool it would be to cruise around in a set of wheels like that? And stylish apparel. Couture created just for me to conceal what needs to be hidden. And to accentuate any positive that a designer can contrive. I'll be in vogue and will live by the golden rule of design: Shop till you drop. So, yeah. Sometimes, I attach a lot of importance to image. And to things. To looking successful. To fitting in socially. When I get a little crazy like that, He's so good to re-direct me. He talks to me. He speaks to me through His word. Just this week, I read a verse that helps me to better understand what Moses said about images. All who worship images are put to shame (Psalm 97:7a). God doesn't want us to worship any images. Not even our own. And not the ones that we fantasize about, either. The house that we live in. The car that we drive. The clothes that we wear. Are these things important? Sure, they are. To an extent. They are necessary. They are blessings. They are resources to be used for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. But we are not to think too much of them. Or about them. We don't worship them. We worship Him. Our loving God. Our provider. Our Savior. In whose image we are created. How do you handle image problems? I'd love for you to share what helps you. Sweet dreams, Deb


  1. Today is Saturday and I spent the whole morning staring at two mirrors in my bedroom window. One was regular & the other was gigantic & magnified. I tried my makeup every which way...hoping for the purrrfect look!

    I didn't find it and now it's going to take me a while to wash it all off. I go back & forth with God about this ridiculous topic called "skin care". Could He just tell me what to use and let me look clean with no pores and easy wrinkles? On a scale of 1-10...may I have a 7, please?? I even tell Him that I could spend less money if I could get this right once & for all!

    Obviously I don't handle this particular self image issue well at all BUT since you brought it up. You probably wanted someone with experience, huh? Ha!

    Time to go color my hair...

  2. Dear Deb,
    What a great post this is. Loved the way you described your dream house, and dream car... and shopping for clothes and fashion accessories till you drop.

    Oh,and I do know a few people (yes in real life) who have actually not stopped till they got their dream home, dream car and fashionable look...

    Love how you put it -- we need these things, but we are not to worship them. Use them for kingdom service of the king.

    I believe the greatest secret to not worshiping any of these things is learning to be content in all things.

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us once again.


  3. Or even my Montana! It would be easy to get stuck there in my mind and, therefore, in my heart. Peace isn't "out there"; peace is "in here"--my heart. The place where God is. Consequently, I can walk the soil beneath my feet without lusting for something more...

    My "idols" are more veiled than "things"--mine root in less obvious ways. They are idols nonetheless. You've highlighted my need to deal with them by looking for them this week.

    Thanks, friend, for checking in and for always being so kind to me.


  4. Oh boy, this brings back some memories, Deb! My daughter in law and I went looking at luxurious model homes one afternoon for fun about two years ago. We saw some amazing homes. Stunning. Spectacular. Spotless.

    Then we came home. We were both tempted to want a bigger, newer, fancier house. But then common sense took over, and we decided to simply count our blessings instead.

    Thank you for pointing out our need to balance our needs but to hold our blessings loosely. My fervent prayer is that I never allow anything to take God's place in my heart.

  5. Being in a new community where people don't know you is an image issue. I want to make sure my boys are at school on time, do well, and make new Godly friends. I want to find a church where I feel at home. I love wearing lipstick, I love wearing my favorite style of clothes, but only because I love doing that. However, it is wearying introducing people to the new person in the community. Or have them respond to you negatively because they don't know you. I just always hope that the image of Christ prevails - and I wish it would prevail more in the car when I'm driving.

    Deb, I have an award for you--it's more of a thank you. I couldn't complete my list without the women on it. Please come over and read what I say about it! Thanks for blessing me through your posts!

  6. Deb
    We had a visting speaker yesterday. He was introduced as "Bishop Barnes". Too all of us who know and love him he is "Bro Barney". You see a few years back he was the pastor of our church and a blessing to everyone. His sermon was about "Fredom" the kind you recieve from Christ. He said when you recieve that fredom nothing else matters. I wish everybody could have heard him. He spoke with so much joy and happiness. His heart was so full. It spilled out into the audience. I wanted to shout. HALLELUIAH PRAISE THE LORD! Thank You for Lord this fredom. Thank you Deb for your wonderful post.

    Love ya,

  7. Sis,

    You're the best.

    What would I do without you?

    Love you.

  8. What a great post and certainly something we all should ponder. It is so hard not to get caught up in image, isn't it?

  9. Hey... got your comment...

    I am finding that things lately have reminded me of how much I do idolize the little things in my life....

    ....a friend gave me the verse from Jonah... "Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs."

    That has helped more than enough...

    God bless,

  10. Dear Deb,
    I'm commenting on this post. I tried to comment on your most recent post to thank you for passing on the Honest Scraps blog award to me, but blogger said "page not found"...

    Thanks dear Deb! I love Blog Awards, because they make me feel loved and appreciated!