Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big Girl Boots

Black suede. One-inch heels. About two sizes too big for her. Handed down from an older cousin. Doesn't matter to her. She thinks she's something. Cause she's got big girl boots now. For a four-year-old, she puts together a way cool outfit. Black skirt. Pink leggings. A super sparkly, rock star shirt. And of course, her boots. Ready for action. Adventure. Amusement. She goes outside. She knows the rules: Stay in the yard. Don't go near the street. But you know how it is when you're wearing big girl boots. You have the illusion of being in charge. Confident. Competent. Well, the same thing happens to her. She does pretty good for awhile. Sits on the golf cart. Tries to turn the steering wheel. Pretends to drive. Then, she pokes leaves through the fence into the neighbor's yard. Next, she walks down the driveway toward the street. Stops. Sits down. Picks up a handful of pine straw and throws it into the air. Hmm. Probably a good time to call her back to the house. But first, I finish dusting the bookcase. All I need is thirty seconds. Done. I turn. Oh, that girl! She walks up the steps. With the mail in her hand! Which means that she got the mail out of the mailbox. Which means that she walked to the street. By herself! Which means that she broke the rules. Because of those big girl boots. She was so sure that she could do it. So sure that she would be ok. So sure that she wouldn't get caught. But her sense of confidence. Of certainty. Of competence. Were mere illusions. I know what it's like to break a few rules. And to trust in an illusion. To think I'm in control. To be certain that I can push back parameters that God put in place for my protection. And not get hurt. My granddaughter couldn't do it. Neither can we. He has a reason for establishing rules and boundaries. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance (Psalm 16:6). God's boundaries exist to protect us. As we learn to accept His guidelines, we'll find peace and joy that won't disappoint. Unlike illusions and big girl boots. That betray. And leave us with blisters. Bruised. Broken. Maybe one day soon, we'll replace those boots with a new pair of shoes. Sweet dreams, Deb


  1. You have such a wonderful way of writing. I get all caught up in the story line! Shame on her for going all the way to the road... she can just blame it on the boots:)

  2. I am sure she felt like a very big girl, getting that mail.

  3. This is a powerful post. THANK YOU!
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. Powerful takes a long time and long suffering for that illusion of control to go away--at least it did for me...just today I was acknowledging before God my complete dependence on Him--it is true freedom to play within His parameters...Blessings!

  5. Thank you, Deb! I love this post! So easy to picture your girl, and so easy to relate to my own "big girl boots" mistakes.

    Beautifully said, my dear friend. Yes, very powerful!


  6. This is really good Deb! Thanks for sharing!! :) (Got something for you at my blog. :)

  7. Big girl boots... I pulled my out of the closet this morning for a first wear this season! Unfortunately, in the context written about here, they are common fare for my heart.

    Wearing boots too big; I'm learning that sometimes that mailbox duty is better left to someone bigger... someone with clearer vision and smarter sense!

    Lord, help me this week to know when I need to pull out those big girl boots and when it's best to leave them in the closet!

    Thanks, Deb. Great visual for my heart.


  8. Oh, ouch! Yes, we tend to get "on our high horse" when it comes to doing things our way.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and voting for me in the Bloggers & Tiaras contest! I appreciate it.
    Anita of

  9. Deb, she brought you the mail. She came and showed you the good thing she did.

    Even though it took doing something she wasn't supposed to do.

    How often I do just that! I excuse going out of bounds by doing a good thing while I'm there, bringing back the mail for God and telling Him how cool I am.

    What a dork I can be. Thanks for this. Wonderful picture.

  10. My 17 year old is wearing big girl boots right now! LOL - well, not really LOL, but it was a good visual, and when your 17 year old thinks He is all grown up, mommyhood gets really tough. I love how you set that up. I love how you made me laugh through the seriousness because I'd experiencing that seriousness and I needed a bit of the Joy of the Lord in the midst of adversity.

    You always bless me!

  11. I have tried to wear big girl boots my entire life! They are always a couple sizes too big and I never fail to fall down. They have certainly gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years. It's a good thing my earthly daddy and my Eternal Daddy love me so darn much!

    Thanks for continuing to visit me and for praying for me. You are a truly wonderful friend!

    Teresa <><

  12. Wow! this is amazing. Your writing hits it's target. Perfectly. Thank you. Sarah

  13. Hi Deb, someone left me an award and asked that I pass it on to 7 people. I left you one at Your gentleness has really touched me. You're the best.

  14. Those big girl boots..... They do it everytime. Always too big. Always fall down. I am so thankful we have a BIG DADDY to pick us up.
    I love the post.

    Love Ya,

  15. I really enjoyed this post! In touch with reality from so many points of view. I think we all remember loving our big girl boots at one time or another and chafing at boundaries!

  16. True words! God's rules are meant to protect us and allow us freedom! Freedom from guilt, shame and destruction. Another great post!

  17. I love to read your writing. God has most certainly blessed you with that gift. I always get drawn in to the story you are telling and it always has a great moral to it. I think it is so cool how you can get a life lesson out of daily happenings. Thank you for sharing your talent and for stopping by my blog for a visit!

    God Bless,

  18. Such a sweet post. I am totally way more confident in a cute pair of shoes, especially if they are new! Your daughter learned a lot earlier than I did. Cute shoes give you just the boost you need. Or maybe not quite so needed in this case!!!

    I found you from my sister, the middlest sister, I just had to laugh at your comment about your sisters bossing you around! Too funny. I think I tried with Libbie, but she just ignored me, so I gave up a long time ago! Either I am too lazy, or she is too stubborn!

  19. I love the perspective from which you write this post.. Sometimes we think we can get away with it. But Obedience is required, whole hearted, not half baked obedience. We get distracted, we think it's okay... but we suffer the consequences. Just because we're wearing those big girl boots.

    This is such a good post, Deb!


  20. Oh this is SO good! thanks for sharing - I needed to hear that today!

  21. But she sounds so cute! (I know, that's how kids get away with things - in our family anyway.)

    Just like little girls in big girl boots, we put our confidence in the wrong thing. But it's too big and not a good fit. It reminds me of when King Saul gave David his armor to fight Goliath. It was too big for David. Good thing he had the sense to take it off because he would not have been able to move. We all know how that ended.

  22. I adore this post. You know that I've got a girl trying to wear "big girl boots" in my house at this very moment. Her mom's been guilty of it, as well. Thank the Lord He's never afraid to enforce the boundaries -- and He's giving me the courage to do the same.

  23. I love this post very much! I want to try to remember it and use it with my girls!

  24. Hi Deb,

    Got room for one more comment...??

    Love this, especially the phrase "That betray. And leave us with blisters. Bruised. Broken ".

    This describes what the world has to offer us when we are enticed to do it our way and why He gives us another way to walk.

    May I share this story at a women's bible study?

    Giving thanks for God for the inspiration that I receive from your blog.

    Happy Thanksgiving...

  25. thanks "to God" for the inspiration that I receive from your blog.