Monday, January 18, 2010

Everyday Girls

She makes mistakes. Says things that she shouldn't. Occasionally, she gets stuck on stuff. Her faith? Oh, at times, she's fiery and fiercely faithful. But other times, her faith is frail. Fragile. Even faulty. Still, she's sweet. Just an everyday girl. I actually like her. You see, she struggles in loving God with all of her heart. Soul. Mind. And strength. She struggles with being still in His presence. Being obedient. Being faithful to Him. In her everyday. And so do I. You know, I've shared things about myself on this blog. Things that I never imagined I would share with anyone. Like times that I disobeyed God. Disappointed Him. Or disregarded His word. I may have shocked you with a few of these disclosures. Sorry, if I did. It's just that I want to be honest with you about my everyday life. And walk. And faith. I don't have it all together. No where close. I'm not perfect. I will never be perfect. I don't have to be perfect. And you don't have to be perfect either. I know, what a relief! Our God loves us. Right where we are. Just the way that we are. Anytime I goof up. Everytime I goof up. When I sin against the Lord who is holy and righteous and just and perfect, He convicts me about my sin. That means He loves me so much that He tells me what I've done wrong. And then my heart hurts because I've hurt my sweet Savior. So, I go to Him. I confess. I ask Him to forgive me. To strengthen me. To give me a heart fully devoted to Him. He's so good. So good to listen. To forgive. To strengthen. To shape my heart. You see, God doesn't love me only on my good days. When I see victories and success. When I make progress. He loves me on the bad days as well. When my faith turns flimsy. And I falter. And I flee instead of standing firm. He loves me in my everyday. When I worry about my family. Stress about work. Ponder what the future holds. Feel overwhelmed with responsibility. With guilt. When my good intentions don't materialize. When my mouth gets me into trouble. And I was thinking that you may have experienced some similar days in your everyday. Because maybe you're an everyday girl too. And I want you to know that our God. Eternal. Everlasting. Everloving. Is an everyday God. Who loves His everyday girls. Every day. By day the LORD directs His love, at night His song is with me--a prayer to the God of my life (Psalm 42:8). I really want to hear about your everyday. And how you're doing. Sweet dreams, Deb


  1. God truly speaks to me through you and just when I need it. I am so blessed that He guided me to your blog. Thank you so much for today's post.

    Also Deborah, I've passed along an award to you. Please check my blog today for the info.

    I pray your day is as blessed as mine has been so far!

  2. Thanks Deb, I totally know what you are talking about with this post. I go through it every day! And I love about your comment and baseball... Too funny, if you only knew how many times I have left one of the kids at church... (someday they will be able to laugh about it...) I need to get over here more often, you are good for me!
    And I like the part about making progress!!! That's me, trying to make even a tiny bit of progress...

  3. Life is a journey and as much as I long to be all GOD created me to be...I am "very much" a work in progress...a few steps forward and then fall back a bit.
    Hanging in there with HIM,

  4. I'm an every day girl! It sounds like the name of a group or something, but I adore what it means.

  5. Deb,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving your sweet comment. The header is my front porch (in warmer weather). I hope you had a chance to read one of my posts besides Night at the Lemmies (which was just a fun award post) Congrats to you for also receiving one!
    I wanted to thank you for your words tonight. I just returned from the CCU where my young nephew lies unconscious since Friday. Your post comforted me and reminded me.

  6. Deb, I certainly am in that club. It's so comforting to know God loves us everyday. Thank you for that reminder. Blessing**

  7. I'm definitely an everyday girl. I struggle, but in my heart I long to please the Lord. Thanks for sharing this Deb! It's nice to know there are other everyday girls out there! :)

  8. I love how you balance the tension that God is loving but also holy. Our sin does repulse Him but in his love He has taken care of it at the cross. As I'm not perfect either, I will run to the throne of grace today in the midst of pain and confess my struggling attitude and desire to persevere.

  9. The enemy would like nothing more than to keep us silent in regards to our "failings." Pretending is his game, and when we buy into it, we walk a life of hypocrisy. When we walk in the Light, we diffuse the mystery of our imperfections. When we confess our faith, or seemingly lack therein, we are never more of a witness to our King and our kingdom journey.

    Live it out loud, sister, and always beneath the watchful gaze of our loving Lord. He is so very proud of you.


  10. I'm an everyday girl in the hands of an everyday God.

    Love love love the 1st paragragh words!

    May I use this for a women's bible study?


  11. Oh, my. You are looking lovely here...

  12. Margie,

    Of course you can. I'm honored.


    Thanks, my dear.

    Sweet dreams, everyone.

  13. I feel like an everyday girl. Because life is so very daily.

    I appreciate people who are honest and vulnerable. I am most comfortable with them.

  14. That's me! That's me! I'm an everyday girl, too! I've just found your blog and I confess, I've neglected my family a wee bit while reading through your posts. Shhhh, don't tell!

    Thank you for your honesty and openness. Those are definitely traits I admire. Definitely following your blog. Def, Def, definitely.

    PS Always welcome over at my blog. The light's always on.

  15. Oh, am I ever an everyday girl!

    Where would I be without grace?