Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oooh la la!

Check this out. My new blog makeover! It's everything that I wanted. Soft. Sweet. Sensational. And oh so dreamy. So definately oooh la la.

Did you notice how the words in the header are all shadowy and seem to float across the page?

And the color combination. Blue with black. And blue is my favorite. Cause my eyes are blue. The shapes. Polka dots. The entire layout. A perfect design.

And guess what? I've got that cute little button--you can grab it if you like; I won't mind. And I've got the little-you-can-send-me-an-E-mail-button-if-you'd-rather-not-post-a-comment-button. Just click on it. How cool!

Remember how I listed a new blog design at the top of my Christmas wish list? Well, my darlin' husband didn't read that post; therefore, I didn't get my makeover. :(

But guess what? eLisa at Extragvagant Grace did a blog makeover giveaway on her absolutely fab blog! I can hardly imagine someone GIVING away a blog makeover. Can you? I mean investing all that work. All that time. But that's exactly what she did.

So, who got blessed by eLisa's generosity? You are so right. I did!

This blog makeover of my dreams is a gift from my friend at Extravagant Grace. And I'm loving it.

Thank you, eLisa. You Rock!

Oh, and check out this little personalized signature below.

Just a little more Oooh la la. Don't you think?

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  1. Oooh la la... and you are so right!

    Your new blog look is heavenly, dreamy... like I'm floating on air.

    And blue!

    Oh blue is my favorite color as well... and do you know what? I love the color of your eyes on your picture! You are a beautiful woman, and I'm so happy to have met you!

    Enjoy your blog's new look, dear friend!


  2. It is totally you! Sooo elegant! Congrats, you deserve it. Blessings**

  3. What fun! It's beautiful!! Congratulations!

  4. Your new look is so totally you and I love it. This particular color combination has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. I found some fur kid scrapbook paper these exact colors several years ago. I liked the paper so much I bought up all the store had and even had a friend in NM "import" some more for me from Colorado.

    I totally agree with you - eLisa ROCKS! and so does your blog!

  5. Oh Deb! It is very lovely! Now your blog matches you - beautiful!!

  6. hhahahah. I love the blog but mostly I love your description about your new blog. It looks cool, soft, you. ☺

  7. Your new look is beautiful!

  8. It is forgot sassy!!!! I imagine you to be soft, sweet, sensational and sassy(meaning it has a little cha cha) I love it...welcome home!!!

  9. I love your blog design. I don't think I've ever visited before. But I have now subscribed! I got a new design this year too. Yay for new things!

  10. Deb, your blog is awesome! Beautiful! Perfect for you! I love it!


    Much love to you,


  11. Your new blog design is dreamy, Deb! Love it!

  12. Very pretty design! I enjoy seeing how people decorate their blogs. It's sort of like a reflection of who we are and almost like visiting someone's home. Mine is pretty drab by comparison but I prefer to think of it as a reflection of my journey toward a more simple life these days.

  13. It looks fabulous! So glad you got exactly what you wanted.

  14. Deb,

    This is so you. It is beautiful just like you, next to big Sis should know.

    Love the post always, keep up the good work.

    God Bless

    Love Ya,
    Next To Big Sis

  15. Deb!!! I LOVE this! ;0) Looks absolutely fabu-mite! (That's a cross between fabulous and dynamite! ;0)

    Love, love, love everything about it. You got it goin' on, girl! (Well, you did BEFORE the makeover, but this puts you over the top! ;0)

    Thanks for your email this week. Keep praying. We need it.

  16. Your new blog design is ALMOST as beautiful as your words.


  17. Totally cute...soft & girly and makes me feel good!

    What a generous friend you have!

    Thanks for the button, I'm putting it on my site...I need to find one of those for Moments...


  18. Beautiful! eLisa always does such wonderful work and she's so easy to work with!

  19. Beautiful, Deb, as are you! So glad for this. I know it makes you happy and will, undoubtedly, be the canvas on which you paint your heart.

    Paint well.

    Love you.


  20. I love it all and you totally deserve it!!!

  21. Beautiful Makeover! Blue is my favorite color:) Congratulations on winning a blessing:)

  22. just dropping by! love the look of your blog! i'm wishing for a makeover too! i think i will just have to do mine myself:)