Friday, April 15, 2011

Bragging Rights

Southerners are serious about some things--sweet tea, grits, and college football. Especially football. My family and I are no exception. We sport crimson and white tee shirts year round and feel quite stylish wearing them. We prefer a black and white hounds-tooth check over any other pattern. Alabama memorabilia shows up on our mailbox, on our vehicles, and in my den.

In or out, we love the Tide!

This past season, our Tide would occasionally go out at halftime and experience some difficulty coming back in for the last two quarters of the game. Like when we played our arch rival.

The sports authorities said that Bama couldn't beat our number-one ranked opponent. I don't think that anyone expected the Tide to get off to such a great start, but we did. Our defense hit hard. Took the smirk off of the orange-shirted quarterback's face. So sweet! Plus, our offense put points on the board.

At halftime, the scoreboard showed numbers in our favor: 24 to 7. Who would have thought?

We were so excited. Had to resist the temptation to trash text our friends who wear orange and blue.

I'm so glad that we didn't act rashly. We only scored three points in the second half, and our opponent came back to beat us.

After losing that game, I felt that we had lost our bragging rights too. My son changed my mind.

He explained it this way: We lost a few games, and we sure don't like to lose. But we still have the right to be proud of our team because you don't just look at one game or at one season. You look at what the team has accomplished in the past. You consider their overall record. And winning thirteen national championships is a pretty good record to hold.

Now, I know that some people would disagree with this position, and that's fine. However, I do have some bragging rights that are incontrovertible.

In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise Your name forever (Psalm 44:8).

No one can dispute that God is worthy of our boasting. Look at all of His accomplishments. Consider His stats.

He is the One and Only God.

He is the Creator. Sustainer. Provider.

He sent His only Son to die for us because He loves us like that.

He forgives our sins. He saves us.

He heals us.

He binds our wounds. He comforts the brokenhearted and those who are sad.

He shows compassion. He shows mercy. He gives grace.

No other religions can make these claims. The gods of other religions don't hold the kind of record that the One, True, and Living God holds.

Our God has all power and all authority and all wisdom.

Even if we're having a losing season, our opponent can't take these rights away from us.

Our God is the champion of love and forgiveness and salvation.

He has given us bragging rights!

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  1. I think you wrote this post for me. I was not going to read blogs this morning...but was home alone restless so I started reading blogs. I loved this post and do know that my wonderful God will be the salve that comforts my wounded heart right now. What a wonderful weekend this is...kicking off Holy Week and I love Easter so much. God Bless You!

  2. Amen, Deb! We can always focus on what God is doing in our lives and brag about His goodness. Wonderful scriptures!

  3. Yes, children of The King. we can brag. :)

    My hometown college was LSU. Here is FL is the South Tampa Bulls. :)

  4. We bleed blue! UK Cat Blue! LOL. Such a good point! I've got the best Father in the universe! I am gonna brag about Him. Love this!

  5. Bragging rights indeed! We hold them all when we hold Jesus as our own. As for sports, I'm with bluecottonmemory. I bleed UK blue down the line!

    PS: Hope the editing project is coming along nicely. Keep me posted.

  6. Thanks, Deb. I needed this today. Kind of feel like the "opponent" won a battle today. Needed the reminder that He wins the championship.

    Miss talking to you. Maybe once school lets out, our schedules will allow a phone call??