Friday, April 22, 2011

In My Dreams

In my dreams, I am a writer. I write gently. Beautiful words and truthful. I don't know exactly what I write: devotions, articles, or Bible lessons. That part remains illusive. But I know that I write, and it pleases Him.

In my reality, I'm more of a scribbler than I am a writer. My repertoire consists mostly of journals. I write my heart out on the pages of spiral-bound notebooks. They can attest to the fact that I lay it all on the line. Hopes--dreams--disappointments--sins--confessions--my daily struggle to walk by faith and not by my feelings.

In my dreams, I am a writer. A good writer. Effective. Compelling. Those who read my words want to get into Jesus more, and they want to get into His word more. I accomplish my goal. God is good. Life is good.

In my reality, I tell God that I'm tired of following this dream. It's too difficult. Too much waiting. I ask Him to make my not-so-magnificient obsession go away. Give me my life back. I want to go somewhere else. Any place besides this nightmare.

In my dreams, I am a writer. I stay focused. God guides my steps. I take one at a time. I get there.

In my reality, I realize that I have a long way to go. I feel so alone. Does anyone understand?

In my dreams, I am a writer....

A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul (Proverbs 19a).

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  1. When I read your posts I know that you are a writer.

    Blessings to you and your family this Easter season.

  2. Oh Deb, I know exactly what you mean. I think MOST writers start out just that way. It is difficult to begin as an unknown. But if that's what God has laid on your heart-keep on. You write to please Him. (I keep reminding myself.)

  3. I can definitely understand the feelings that come with an unfulfilled dream. It's very difficult. ..I know this may not help, but your blog is a lovely place, where your writing is being used to bless others. It blesses me, and I can tell by the other comments that I always read here, it blesses them too. God is using your writing. It may not be a book yet, but it is still very meaningful. ♥

  4. What will it take for you to say, "I am a writer"?

    Writing is invading your dreams, your bones, your heart. He has given it to you, You are a writer. Write for Him and for what He does to you when you write, friend. Blessings on you!

  5. Beautiful post, Deb.

    Writing is my dream, too. Only I never understood how HARD it would be. I didn't understand the tenacity required, the study, the willingness to face rejection over and over, and the plain truth of paying my dues for years.

    I do know this. If we continue to trust our dreams to Him and are willing to work hard and not give up, our writing dreams will come true.

  6. Yes, I understand. It's sometimes hard to progress through our God-given dreams. Like you, I'm waiting for a few of mine to come to pass. But sister, you are a writer and you are blessing lives. How I pray that God will take your gift further and continue to show his faithfulness to you in this one area.

    Love you, friend.


  7. Deb,
    In reality you are the best because you are doing His will.
    I love you,
    Next to Big Sis