Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Swim Alone

We saw dolphins swimming. Every morning. Early. From the balcony of Big Sis's condo. They glide through the water. Rising to the surface. Fins showing shiny and slick. Smooth dive under. Back to the top. Sensational swimmers. Spectacular show. Once, we counted eight dolphins. They travel in schools or pods for protection from predators. Their motto: Never swim alone. Sounds like good advice for us as well. Never attempt to walk in faith alone. Whenever we try to go it alone--without God--without Christian friends--we fall prey to the enemy of our souls. That roaring lion. That roaming lion. That liar. The one who says, "You don't need God to help you in this situation. Don't bother God with the little things. You can handle this one by yourself." Yeah, right. Or maybe he says, "Aw, come on now. Don't dump on your friends again. They're busy. They have problems of their own. Don't drag them into your junk. Just be a big girl." Anytime that we hear those lies, let's remember the dolphins. The Creator designed these animals to rely on each other. And on Him. He made us in a similar fashion. We need one another. And we need Him. Galatians 6:2 helps us to understand God's design. "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." What a precious plan. A perfect plan. God helps us. We're to help each other. Like dolphins, we weren't created to make it efficaciously. Our Savior died so that we would never have to do life by ourselves. He sent His Holy Spirit to teach us. Fill us. Encourage us. Our precious Savior also says that it's ok for us to need the support of others. It's ok to ask for help. And to ask without being embarassed. Because He created us to be dependent on Him and to desire the support of other believers. I'm afraid to swim the tide alone. I need Him. And you. Sweet dreams, Deb Why


  1. I felt like it would be about the dolphins. This is awesome, beautifully written.

    I would like to tell your readers you hogged the binoculars, didn't give the other four girls a chance to look. We will get you back next year.

    Love Ya,

  2. You know me too well. Flaws and all. I depend on you.


  3. can i be your swimmin buddy.i wont let go

    allie seymore

  4. What a joy it is to have a friend who understands this need in our lives. I think it is becoming more and more rare to see the value of true companionship in our busy culture. It takes time to listen and care.
    Christ encouraged and healed the hearts and bodies of many during his earthly ministry, but he chose twelve with whom He could share a more intimate relationship.....Even with His "connections", He understood the need for true companionship and friends with whom He could share His thoughts and burdens. This is a poignant and creative writing, and it is just one more reason that I am glad to call you "friend".

  5. Sharolyn,

    I cherish your comments and appreciate your insights. Thank you for taking the time to share with me so specifically.

    I am blessed to have you as a friend.

    Miss you so much!

  6. Deb,
    I love this post... I totally agree with you. Isolation is one of the enemy's favorite techniques. He loves making us think we're the "only one" struggling. God has gifted me with some close friends who love and support me without judgment. It's such a beautiful earthly picture of the love of our heavenly Father.

  7. Hi there Deb,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments. It's so nice to meet you! :)

    You are so right, we NEED each other. I think of Moses during the battle...he had no strength to keep his arms lifted, so his friends held up his arms all night long.

  8. Allie,

    You will always be my swimming buddy.

    And my baby girl.

    Luv U 2 Much!