Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Praise

Today, I just want to praise Him. Give Him thanks for what He's done for me. For what He continues to do. How He gave me a dream. How He's faithful to His word and to His promises. How He's working on my behalf right now. In reality, I should never have become a dreamer. Too practical. Too hung up on trying to be perfect. Too many problems. Flaws. Fears. Failures. But God, somehow, sees potential and promise. In me. In you. So, He makes some promises to assure us. If we give Him all that we've got, He promises to give us all that He's got. What an exchange! Our flaws. For His Son's righteousness. Our fears. For His strength. Our failures. For His perfect plan. That's why I want to give Him. Praise. Thanks. Worship. Obedience. Sweet dreams, Deb


  1. Amen, sister! I was just praising Him tonight for taking my pathetic offerings and weaknesses and turning them around for His glory. Amazing. Humbling. Absolutely in character with who He is.

    Love this post, Deb. I actually blogged today on the same topic (perfection). We are kindred spirits. Our "meeting" was no accident. You have already been such a blessing to me. Keep blogging, my friend!

    Praise you, Jesus. You do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. I ask Your forgiveness for how I underestimate your power and grace.

  2. God is sooooo good! I'm glad that He has brought us together. Thank you for encouraging me.

    Congratulations on both your progress and position.

  3. Your profile could have been written for me! Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. It's great to hear,"Hold on. . .." Jason Upton on his Faith cd has a song about that. Your message is in a sense my ministry! What a blessing your response was and your blog, too!

  4. He is where our dreaming roots; he, too, harbors his own set.

    Keep to it, new friend, and may your faith be strengthened as you go.


  5. Amen! Our God is awesome.