Saturday, June 27, 2009

Underneath the Broom Tree

Elijah. Prophet of God. Man of God. Elijah's exploits: Face-to-face with wicked King Ahab, predicted a three-year drought for Israel. Hid by God and fed by ravens. Prayed and a widow's jug of oil and jar of flour lasted for three years. Prayed for the widow's dead son and God restored him to life. Taunted 450 false prophets and then had them killed after God consumed his sacrifice. Prayed for rain. And it came. Empowered by the power of God, he ran ahead of Ahab's horse-drawn chariot all the way from the top of Mt. Carmel to Jezreel. Not bad work for a Tishbite. From Gilead. Or for any of God's servants. But then Jezebel. Ahab's wife. Queen of Israel. Wicked woman. Wanton. Wayward. Sends a message to Elijah: You killed my prophets. You're head's gonna roll! By this time tomorrow, you'll be a dead man. How did Elijah take the news? Not too well. He ran from Jezebel. Headed straight to the desert. Ended up underneath the limbs of a broom tree. "I have had enough, Lord," he said. "Take my life; I am no better than my ancestors" (1 Kings 19: 4b). What happened? How did he change from being one who ran ahead to someone who runs from? From being one willing to go out on a limb for God to being one hiding out under some limbs. Did God change? God didn't change. I think that Elijah--like many of us--became fearful. His focus got distorted. He felt overwhelmed. Felt that he was the only one serving God. Felt that God didn't understand the situation. Does this sound familiar to you? It sure does to me. Fear. Focus. Feelings. I can relate. When God doesn't do what I think that He should do. Like intervene on my behalf. Or for my loved ones. Like why did He let this happen in the first place. Like change my circumstances. Right now, please. I've done what Elijah did. Run away. Run to the desert. To a broom tree. Run from God. I'm so thankful that God heard Elijah us as he sat there. He encouraged Elijah. Told Elijah to go back the way that he had come. Gave him some new assignments. I'm so thankful that God hears us when we've had enough. Just want to give up. Things are way too much for us to handle. God encourages us. Through His word. Affirms that He's still in control. That we're still useful. Most of all, He assures us that we He's right there with us. Underneath the broom tree. But we don't have to stay there. He will help us get out of our desert. Back in union with Him. Sweet dreams, Deb


  1. Thank you. Your words are like heavenly dew.

  2. Thank you for this. This was wonderful. Oh have I been Elijah so many times.
    I am praying that I can keep my focus on Him, fight the fears with God's word, and check my feelings, handing them over to God to soothe as I need to.
    Big things are coming up for me and this next month or so could get dicey.

    Thank you so much for the reminder that God meets us all where we are at, encourages us, makes us eat and rest and then helps us hear His still small voice... in the whisper...

    God bless,

  3. Sita, thank you.

    Heather, many times we don't listen for His voice. But you are listening. He loves that. I prayed for you.

  4. This is timely for me, Deb. Many circumstances that I need God's intervention. Before fear takes the lead, it is good for me to be reminded. Thank you for this post.

  5. I also enjoyed reading this post. This account of Elijah is one of my favorites.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Hi, Deb! Wow we do have much in common! I even love chocolate, too! And my husband and I have been married thirty years plus one.

    It is great to "meet" you. I love your blog. And this post reaches right into my heart. How many times I have been there!

    I look forward to getting to know you more. I live in Huntsville, by the way.

    In Christ's Love,


  7. Sometime's it does feel as if we're in the desert all by ourselves,isolated. However, we usually put ourselves there, don't we? God brings us back out, reintroduces us, puts us where we're supposed to be. What a blessing your message is!

  8. I love that God shows us in His Word people who aren't just "characters" in a story. These were real people who didn't always get it right every time. Moses spoke to the rock the first time, but later, he struck it. Elijah was the hero in several stories, but needed God to minister to him in other chapters. But God is the same book after book, chapter after chapter, verse after verse. What a great reminder! Thanks, Deb!